Valiant Entertainment, a Case Study for Dropbox

Learn how comic book company Valiant Entertainment uses Dropbox for Business to work with hundreds of freelancers around the world to meet weekly book production deadlines.

Valiant Entertainment returned to the comic book world just a few years ago, but since then, they’ve been putting out some of the best comics out there, in the most well put together comic universe out there.

On top of the excellent comics they release, the company has also been pushing the envelope when it comes to marketing, trying new initiatives in hopes to expand their market. From sponsoring an Olympic team, to partnering up with a coffee/tea shop, to driving around NYC around convention time, they are a company willing to try new things and see what works.

Enter Dropbox, a cloud service that allows you to upload and share files across the web, a must tool for businesses. Dropbox has released the above video spotlighting how Valiant uses their service to get their work done. It’s good promotion for Dropbox, but also gets Valiant out in front of an audience who might not know who they are.

Bravo Valiant!