Marketing Monday: Who is the Top Dog on Facebook?

It’s Monday which means a new Marketing Monday and checking out how the various Facebook fanpages have grown or shrunk over the past week.

Overall, the pages continued to grow, this week gaining 129,043 individuals total, a 0.52% increase. That continues to slowdown of growth we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Movement has also slowed for pages as far as changing their ranks. I’ve added arrows next to what has increased in ranking. Hopefully it makes sense.

page growth overall 6.29.14

Marvel continues to sit on top with the regular cast of characters rounding out the top five.

page growth new likes 6.29.14

As usual, the percentages is where the most change has happened. Newcomer Farrago Comics is on top this week.

page growth by percentage 6.29.14

Also this week, below is the top posts from the last seven days.