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Edge of Tomorrow, Days of Future Past, Spider-Man & Cap’s Weekend Box Office

edge of tomorrowThere were some high profile sequels debuting at the box office this past weekend, so it’s not a surprise they topped the box office. But, there were still quite a few “comic” movies in the theaters.

Edge of Tomorrow, based on the book All You Need is Kill (which is also a graphic novel) dropped 43.8% from it’s debut week. It earned $16.2 million, and so far has earned $56.6 million domestically. Overseas the film has earned $237 million. The film came in fourth for the week.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in its fourth week, and came in sixth place. The film earned $9.5 million had has earned a total of $205.9 million domestically and $455.8 overseas. It’s now the top earning moving of the summer so far. Domestically it ranks third for “X” films, and fourth adjusted for inflation, though has a good chance of moving up some spots.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in its seventh week and is now in 12th place domestically. It has earned a total $198.4 million domestically. The total is disappointing compared to previous Spidey films.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is close to being the top movie domestically of 2014. The Lego Movie currently has the top spot. Globally, Cap is in the lead with Spidey about $10 million behind. In fact Cap, Spidey, and DOFP make up the top three films so far in 2014 globally.