Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Godzilla

On Mondays I tend to dive into statistics I gleam from Facebook. Using the various likes, and other date provided I check out how various fandoms or interests break down in their demographics. With this past weekend’s Godzilla, I thought it’d be interesting to look into what that fandom looks like as far as gender, as well as age.

Not surprisingly, men dominated the statistics, clearly there’s heavy interest in Gozilla by men. What surprised me was that those under the age of 25.

What I did notice when I first grabbed the info was that movies with Mothra faired better when it came to interest by women. So, I decided to look at Mothra as well, and it turns out women have a much greater interest in Mothra.

Hear that Hollywood? If you want to attract women for the eventual Godzilla movie sequel, make sure there’s lots of Mothra!

Check out the full stats below.

godzilla 5.19.14