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Sam Humphries Goes Exclusive with Marvel

Marvel today announced the exclusive agreement with The Legendary Star-Lord writer, Sam Humphries. Humphries found himself in the spotlight after his series Our Love is Real which is what caught Marvel’s attention. Humphries creator-owned work eventually led to his first work at Marvel on the limited series John Carter: The Gods of Mars and later Ultimate Comics: Ultimates.

In a release Humphries said:

In 2011, I self-published a comic called Our Love Is Real which, because of its unconventional subject matter, quickly became infamous. Then-Senior Editor Stephen Wacker brought it to the attention of Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, who gave me a call pretty much out of the blue. He said, ‘Are you ready to get into the mix at Marvel?’ I said, ‘Before you sign me up, before we get involved — I just want to make sure — you have read Our Love Is Real and you know what it is about, right?!’ I’m thankful they’ve trusted me with their books and characters ever since.

July 2014 sees Humphries lend his pen to The Legendary Star-Lord #1a new ongoing series starring the brazen outlaw and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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