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Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Out this Fall

As announced a little bit ago, the next version of Disney‘s popular game Infinity. The 2.0 version, dubbed Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes, will launch this fall and feature a Marvel themed set that includes Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. Other figures that will be released in the toy meets video game are the Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and writer Brian Michael Bendis introduced the product and revealed the figures which look fantastic. There was a mention to expect even more figures coming our way.

The game will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, iOS, PC, and Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The presentation ended with Nick Fury beginning to tell us some of the other figures we can expect, but was cut off before a teaser said we can expect more at the video game convention E3.

Watch the presentation to see exactly what you can expect.

2014-04-30_1351 disney infinity marvel

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