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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Who are the US Comic Fans?

It’s the first of the month and that means a new Facebook Fandom Spotlight looking at the general comic book fan population on Facebook. It continues a brand new year of stats and tracking comic book fans on Facebook.

For this report, I looked at the terms we used in previous reports, 102 “likes” on Facebook, primarily focused on terms like “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan.

Facebook Population: Over 26,000,000 fans in the US

That’s an increase of 2 million individuals from the previous month. We looked, and the increase is generally across the board when it comes to terms. That 26 million has shifted a bit with some of the younger population disappearing and being replaced with older fans.

Spanish speakers account for 3,6000,000 fans, 13.85%. That amount has held steady from the previous month, but the percentage has gone down due to the fact the population has increased.

Gender and Age

Last month men accounted for 55.83% and women for 47.50%. This month women slipped a bit and are now 45.38% of the population while men are 56.92%. That’s over 100%, so the round numbers given probably aren’t so round in reality. The relationship status actually puts the number at closer to 27 million fans. Going by that data, women are 43.69%.

US Comic Fans

gender 4.1.14

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

US Comic Fans

gender age trend 4.1.14

Below is the above’s raw data. Compared to last month, the under 17 population shrank.

US Comic Fans

gender age raw 4.1.14

Relationship Status

We’re continuing to look at the expanded data of relationships which debuted last month. Overall, things have remained relatively steady compared to last month. I’d expect as more people notice the expanded options over time, we’ll see some movement.

US Comic Fans

relationship status 4.1.14

And for those that like pie charts.

US Comic Fans

relationship status pie chart 4.1.14


Much like relationship status last month, education details have also changed. We have much greater detail as to where individuals are when it comes to their education. Below you’ll see our first details of the new results. Out of the new results, it stands out to me that male and female comic “fans” are pursuing a master’s degree in similar amounts.

US Comic Fans

education 4.1.14

Gender Interest

We’re continuing to track the expanded results for this statistic. Like education, and relationships, gender interest has expanded with much greater detail. Compared to last month, the results have not shifted much.

US Comic Fans

gender interest 4.1.14

And that wraps up this month’s Facebook Fandom Update of comic fans in the US. Join us next Monday for a brand new report!

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