Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Fans and Politics

Work is underway for the 2014 elections for the Senate, House and more. We’ll be tracking how comic fans break down in the political spectrum throughout this election year. It’s the first of the month so I again dove into Facebook to figure out how it all shakes out and what has changed since last month’s statistics.

For these stats, I used the terms I’d normally use to determine other demographic breakdowns of comic fans. Facebook also provides the ability to break down those stats into convenient groups as far as politics which I have used. However, Facebook is now providing even more data including voter registration and donation habits.

According to Facebook 9.2 million “comic fans” are “active” politically in the United States, that’s 600,000 more than the previous month. This breaks down further into 5 million men (53.35%), and 4 million women (46.65%). Women have increased slightly from the previous month. That also makes political active “comic fans” 18.55% of the individuals active politically which account for just under 50 million of the 180 million individuals in the United States.

political active 4.1.14

Party affiliation is pretty clear as folks can indicate a party or none (which I assume is what the non-partisan stat is). The non-partisans make up the majority of comic fans with 51.80%, liberals are 25.18% of comic fans and 23.02% of comic fans or conservative. Both conservatives and non-partisans gained percentage wise from the previous month, but only slightly.

political party 4.1.14

Further breakdown of gender when it comes to party affiliation:

  • Conservative: 56.25% men, 46.88% women
  • Liberal: 51.43% men, 45.71% women
  • Non-Partisan: 56.94% men, 43.06% women

What’s new though is voter registration as well as donation data. The voter registration is based on the current voter registration databases and must be verified by two sources. The donation data is based on surveys and the donations themselves. Lets look up the donors first.

According to Facebook, just under 1 million comic fans  have donated to a liberal or conservative cause and there even is some overlap of about 80,000 individuals. For “comic fans” the conservative are a bit more likely to donate than those interested in liberal causes.

political donations 4.1.14

Next up is voter registration. Not shockingly Democrats have a slight edge (voter registration is a strong point of the party) and make up 50.22% of those registered, only a few percentage points more than Republicans who account for 47.27%. Below is the raw data for these stats.

political voter registration 4.1.14

We’ll keep watching to see how the political winds might be reflected through this.