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Marketing Monday: Who is the Top Dog on Facebook?

It’s Monday which means a new Marketing Monday and checking out how the various Facebook fanpages have grown or shrunk over the past week. This week’s edition is a shift as I’ve added over 30 new pages to watch and changed around the categories. There’s now stores, conventions, and a bunch of new terms!

Overall, the pages continued to grow, this week gaining 163,080 individuals total, a 0.68% increase. That’s more individuals, but a slightly lower percentage than last week.

page growth overall 3.30.14

Marvel is at the top spot, and DC Comics is still in the second slot followed by a new addition, Free Comic Book Day!

page growth new likes 3.30.14

Percentages are where it’s as the top four are all new additions, with a brand new comic digital service ComicBlitz on top of the list.

page growth by percentage 3.30.14