TV Review: Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe

Marvel-Studios-ABC-SpecialIn the lead up to this summer’s Marvel summer blockbusters, Marvel and ABC teamed up to give us Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe, a look behind the building of the cinematic Marvel universe.

The show is filled with the expected behind the scenes conversations which would fit perfectly as an extra on a DVD, but what it surprisingly does is show off the dumb luck, and stumbling into the idea of the Marvel movie universe. The idea was an organic one that grew out of each other.

What was very nice was the fact there were actual mention of the comic books it’s all built off of. For the first 15 minutes, or so, there was numerous mentions, showing off how the printed world and cinematic world aren’t so different in how they came about. Hopefully that little bit was enough to tempt people into checking out the source material.

But, back to that organic thing, it’s nice to see not only how the movie universe came together, but how that lead to the One-Shot movies, a nod to the comic history. And out of those shows, it organically moved into a television show.

But through it all, lets be honest what we really want, to see new footage, and there was just enough of all of that to keep fans happy. With its debut in April a focus is on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with a better explanation of what the movie is really about. What surprised me is that they outright spoil who the Winter Soldier is. We’re also told that this film has a massive impact on Avengers: The Age of Ultron. We also get a new look at Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Age of Ultron, that alone makes it all worth it.

And for those who have a keen eye, you get a quick glimpse at Ant-Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and more!

The hour is an advertisement dressed as a special, but it puts the pieces together and I learned some new stuff. A nice special overall, that felt a bit special.

Overall Score: 8.25

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