Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Book Writers

It’s Monday which means it’s a brand new Facebook Fandom where I look at statistics of some subset of a fandom using Facebook. This week I wanted to look at comic book writers and see if there’s anything that stands out for each of them.

To pull this data, I manipulate Facebook’s advertising platform, in this case using their name. I went with 50 different writers, using Facebook’s suggestions to pick additions to the list.

What stood out to me is that Facebook recommended very few female writers. There’s some on this list, but not that many, about a half dozen or so.

The next thing that stood out was how lopsided the male/female breakdown was, even with female writers. There were very few writers with the majority being female fans, and a few where the ration was pretty close to 50/50.

Overall, the data isn’t to far off from the overall comic fandom. Out of the 9.2 million individuals found this way, 36.96% of them are female, and the general comic fandom is about 46%. With some adjustment and additional indie writers, the gap between the two stats might decrease.

Below is the data, and to explain it:

  • Total – the number of individuals around the world who are connected with the term.
  • US – the individuals in the United States who like the term.
  • Negative Results – Facebook rounds data and isn’t down to the single digit, this rounding causes negative results at times.

The individuals highlight in green are those with a majority female likes.

writers data 3.17.14

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