Stan Lee Confirms Black Panther Movie as Well as Indian, Latino & Chinese Superheroes

The legend Stan Lee headed to Larry King Now and dished on a lot of his plans. Lee also broke news on new Latino, Indian and Chinese superheroes he’s working on and confirms the much anticipated Black Panther film.

I’m also working on a latino superhero. We have a black one, Marvel has called the Black Panther, which will be a movie pretty soon.

Lee who helped gave the world Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four, among many others sounded off on the Marvel movie franchise, why today’s top writers choose comics, and the most amusing person he knows.

Check out clips below and the entire episode will be available on Ora TV and Hulu at 2pm PST.

Below Lee talks about how he sits back and gets to take a lot of credit. It’s fascinating when he talks about his payment for creating the characters we love and being “work for hire.”

Stan Lee also answers social media questions from fans.