Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Who are the US Comic Fans?

It’s the first of the month which means a new Facebook Fandom Spotlight looking at the general comic book fan population. This one is particularly focused on the United States and is the first full report we’ve done using Facebook’s updated interface, which seems to have made a difference.

For this report, I again looked at the terms we used in previous reports, over 65 “likes” on Facebook, primarily focused on terms like “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan.

While we could compare it to the previous month, it’s apples and oranges since Facebook updated the interface we use to do this.

Facebook Population: Over 19,800,000 fans in the US

That’s an increase of 7.6 million individuals, a huge difference I can only pin on the update by Facebook. Unfortunately we don’t know which specific terms caused the growth. Spanish speakers account for now 2,800,000 fans, 14.14%. So, even though the comic fan population is more, the percent of Spanish speakers has increased only slightly.

Gender and Age

Previously men accounted for 57.38% of the fans and women, 40.98% of fans. This month saw a pretty solid change with men accounting for 54.55% and women with 45.45%. That’s the highest percentage yet for women since we started this report.

US Comic Fans

comics gender 11.1.13

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

US Comic Fans

comics gender age 11.1.13

The above was similar to the previous month, but the switch to women as the majority occurs earlier and the the percents themselves are different.

US Comic Fans

comics gender age raw 11.1.13

Relationship Status

With the massive increase of the overall population, the percents as far as their relationships have barely moved. “In relationship” has increased a bit at the cost to “married.” For the most part though, it remains the same.

US Comic Fans

comics relationship 11.1.13

And for those that like pie charts.

US Comic Fans

comics relationship pie chart 11.1.13


Again, much like the relationship stats, the education stats are relatively unchanged as well compared to the previous month.

US Comic Fans

comics education 11.1.13

Gender Interest

Not to sound like a broken record, this too is similar to the previous month. The most notable changes is men interested in men has decreased while women interested in women has increased when it comes to percentages, both have increased in raw numbers too.

US Comic Fans

comics gender interest 11.1.13

And that wraps up this month’s Facebook Fandom Update of comic fans in the US. Join us next Monday for a brand new report!