Facebook Fandom Spotlight: The Walking Dead

With Halloween this week, it felt appropriate to take a look at the hottest horror property in a long time, The Walking Dead in this week’s Facebook Fandom Spotlight.

For this report, we’re looking at fans within the United States as well as fans across all of what The Walking Dead has to offer, the comic, television show, video games, books and the characters. A total of 30 terms were looked at. We’ll compare this report to that of general comic fans in the US.

Facebook Population: Over 12.8 million fans in the US

There are more Walking Dead fans on Facebook than general comic book fans. Spanish speakers account for 1.56 million fans, 12.19%. That’s a little more than 1% less than general comic fans, but pretty close.

Gender and Age

We know the Walking Dead television show is a huge hit and to get the results it does, you need broad appeal. What’s surprising is the breakdown between men and women is very similar to general comic fans. Walking Dead fans break down 59.38% male and 40.63% females. General comic fans are 57,38% male and 40.98% female. So the two populations are very close. When you look at the Walking Dead comic fans versus television fans, comic skews much more male than the television series.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead facebook gender 10.28.13

Below is the trend line, a stark difference from general comics fans. You can compare the two.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead age gender trend facebook 10.28.13

US Comic Fans

Below is the raw data in which we see that fans of The Walking Dead are older than general comic fans.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead gender age facebook raw 10.28.13

Relationship Status

With an older population I’d expect a more married population. You do see that. Married fans are much higher than the general comic population, almost all take from single fans.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead relationship facebook 10.28.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead relationship pie chart facebook 10.28.13


compared to the general comic populations, the education breakdown of digital fans is very similar.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead education facebook 10.28.13

Gender Interest

There’s lower percentages of those interested in the same gender when it comes to Walking Dead fans compared to the general comic populace.

Walking Dead Fans

walking dead gender interest facebook 10.28.13

And that wraps up the latest edition of the Facebook Fandom Spotlight. Join us this Friday for our beginning of the month round-up!