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Marketing Monday: Who is the Top Dog on Facebook?

Welcome to the second week of the newly dubbed Marketing Monday! We’re now able to track the growth of fan pages on Facebook and we now have our second week of statistics. We’re tracking who  are the top dogs when it comes to social networking and if hot news and interest translates into growth.

Below is the overall stats from the largest page to the smallest.

page growth overall 10.20.13

Not shockingly Marvel kept the top spot and overall there hasn’t been a lot of movement are massive explosions. Our own Facebook page was the standout hopping up one spot with sizable growth compared to existing fanbase.

page growth by new likes 10.20.13

IGN continues their massive growth and everyone else remained pretty consistent.

page growth by percentage 10.20.13

When it comes to percentages, the most changes has occurred. Our own site has hopped to the top spot with lots of shuffling compared to last week.

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