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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Fans Political Leanings and More!

Just as we get our Facebook Fandom Spotlight humming along, Facebook updates the process which turns out is both good and bad. The good is, we can get even more data than ever before. The bad is this would be a break point as far as I’m concerned to compare stats going forward to what’s come before, as far as terms we’ve used it’s a bit apples vs. oranges of old versus new.

I get the data below using “like” terms within Facebook. Before we had a set list of terms (70 something), and now, the majority of those terms exist with some new ones rolled in, and some outdated ones expired. With a new interface, I now know we’re looking at 67 terms used. The overall count of comic book fans in the US hasn’t changed a whole lot, but its risen a bit from the previous month.

Facebook Population: Over 12,400,000 fans in the US

The gender breakdown, age, education, etc. is also very similar, with little shift from the previous month.

Facebook Comic Fans by Gender

comic gender 10.21.13

What’s cool, and merited this special post, is now we can break down this population even further. Here’s a truncated list as to what we can now examine:

  • New Job
  • New Serious Relationship
  • Recently Moved
  • Engaged less than 1 yr
  • Newlywed less than 1 yr
  • Expecting Parents
  • Parents (and age of children)
  • Console gamers
  • Hispanic
  • iPad Owners
  • Political Leaning
  • Travel habits

I looked at all of those and more in this first report, but it’s the political information I wanted to focus on to start, especially considering the sites focus. Below is all the information we gained.  About 1/4 of comic book fans are considered “politically” active.  Those who lean “liberal” outnumber “conservatives” 2 to 1. But, both are outnumbered 2 to 1 by those that are “non-partisan.”

Politics – Active

politics active 10.21.13Politics – Conservative

politics conservative 10.21.13

Politics – Liberal

politics liberal 10.21.13

Politics – Non-Partisan

politics non-partisan 10.21.13

We also have the first indication of some ethnic breakdown. According to Facebook, about 20% of comic book fans are interested in Hispanic-related products and services. Though it’s not 100% accurate, it gives us some indication.

hispanic 10.21.13

With this data and more, it’s clear comic book marketers can find exactly the right audience to advertise their comics to. Join us next Monday as we dive further into and use this new data.