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TV Review: Comic Book Men – Episode 302 – To The Bat Cave

comic book menIn the second episode of the third season, Walt and the guys get invited to an actual bat cave and a customer wants to sell his collection of original Star Wars action figures. Exciting times at the Secret Stash!

What’s solid about the series is that it mixes entertainment and education showing off the wares they sell and why they might be important. And really, the love of geekdom is exuded by them. A lot of that comes from the random conversations they have in the store. I remember having similar conversations when I worked in stores, both within the staff and with those coming into the store. There’s always the simple “who would win in a fight,” but as Comic Book Men shows us more and more, debates can vary, and there’s something fun about having them.

That’s embodied by the person in the store to buy a Batman toy and one to sell their Star Wars toys. There’s history and love told by each. The latter with his Star Wars explaining how these toys came about, a nice mix of history and nostalgia.

The Batman fan loves Batman so much he build his own bat cave, hidden away in his home. That example of fandom has been examined once in a while in shows and movies. While the experience starts off a little weird, hell I don’t know if I would enter, there was something geeky about it. At least they discussed the weird beginning of it all. But the enthusiasm and excitement when things gets rolling is a bit infectious. It’s something most of us geeks would love to do, love to show off and dedicate space proudly. The dedication here is impressive and worth watching the episode for. I’m absolutely doing something like this when I eventually have my own home. I might not spend as much time as him in that room, but it’s really cool.

Comic Book Men isn’t about selling items or the reality of working in a comic book store, it’s about fandom and celebrating what we get enjoyment from.

Featuring: Ming Chen, Kevin Smith, Walter, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic
Overall Score: 7.5

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