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Cards-on-Dice Design Contest: One Week to Go!

Do you aspire to become a game designer? Heartland Consumer Products, the makers of the fun Square Shooters dice game has opened up a contest to game designers and players to design new rules featuring the dice from Square Shooters. The contest is free to enter and the winner receives a $2,000 cash prize and get published in a whole new product.

Square Shooters launched in 2011 and has sold 250,000 copies to date. The dice features all 52 cards from a standard deck as well as 2 jokers. The creators look at the dice as a game system and are looking for enterprising individuals to have fun and invent new games with them.

The How I Roll Contest runs through October 25 and you can find out more details here. It’s fantastic to see a game company reach out to the community like this and crowdsource exciting ways to use their product.

Designing games for this new cards-on-dice game system is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  While it’s a fun marketing project for Heartland Consumer Products — it’s also a great chance for the gaming industry to unleash some creative energy!


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