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Marketing Monday: Who is the Top Dog on Facebook?

Welcome to a new column and our newly dubbed Marketing Monday! On top of our usual Facebook Fandom breakdowns we’ll be bringing regular posts about marketing in general and other new stats, like this one.

We’re now able to track the growth of fan pages on Facebook and will be doing so for publishers, blogs and other things like terms. We’ll truly figure out which are the top dogs when it comes to social networking and if hot news and interest translates into growth.

Below is the overall stats from the largest page to the smallest.

page growth overall 10.13.13

While it isn’t shocking that Marvel sits on top, when it comes to growth, the publisher isn’t top dog. IGN had a massive week amassing over 35,000 new likes.

page growth by new likes 10.13.13

But, while 35,000 might be impressive, they already have a pretty big following. Another blog, Comic Book Resources saw the biggest percentage of growth, with over 5%.

page growth by percent 10.13.13

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