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It’s Frakking Passover with Democratic City Council Candidate Ben Kallos

Admitting you’re a geek is no longer a nail in the coffin for potential candidates. This past election, numerous geeks were re-elected or elected for the first time, including our current Commander-in-Geek who has admitted to collecting Spider-Man and Conan comics and had geeky moments in office.

New York City Upper East Side Democratic City Council Candidate Ben Kallos is an admitted nerd who went so far to build a website Battlestar Galactica themed Passover seder. In an interview with DNAinfo, Kallos said:

I’m a policy wonk, and I like science fiction.

The website includes a detailed guide in how to host your own Battlestar Galactica themed Passover. The idea began for him after a discussion with friends and he looks at it as a way to educate people with a twist.

Kallos has a tech background and has built numerous websites including fun ones like this, as well for government and community agencies.

Kallos ended his interview with:

I’m hoping to be part of a future where everyone is accepted.

Kallos is a shoo-in to win in next month’s election which adds another honorable elected official who’s also a proud geek, one that’ll represent us all well.

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(via DNAinfo)