25 Fox Movies I’d Like to See BOOM! Make Into Comics

Logo_20th_century_foxYesterday, 20th Century Fox and BOOM! Studios announced a deal that would give the movie studio a first look at BOOM! properties to bring them to the big screen. In that deal also was the ability for BOOM! to mine Fox’s vast movie library, either re-imagining previously released films or continuing them on in comic books. BOOM! has previously released comics based on Fox properties like Die Hard and Planet of the Apes. They’ve regularly released Ape comics, though its been a while since Die Hard saw a release, hopefully that will eventually return.

Fox has a catalog that dates back to the 1910s and features hundreds of films to work from, though it’s unclear if there’s limitations as to what BOOM! can use. Here’s my picks as to films I’d like to see go from the big screen to the printed page in alphabetical order:

  • The Abyss – The classic James Cameron film ended with the under water beings revealing themselves. What’s next for this new world?
  • Avatar – Not sure if this one is on the table by, how can you not continue the highest grossing movie ever in comic form? Sequels are coming, so tie it all in together and count the cash.
  • The Cape Town Affair – This spy film redone as a mini-series could be very cool. Get Mark Waid to write it. Archaia could do also do it as a graphic novel from Matz.
  • Come Spy with Me – Another spy film which has an over the top plot like any Bond film. Again, get Waid to write it and you have a whole new spy franchise. The Archaia/Matz option would also work here too.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still – The original movie is a classic and seeing that expanded and then followed up on could be a great story about modern aggression and war.
  • Enemy Mine – The 1985 science fiction film was filled with issues and considered a disappointment, but the world it created and story it set up has potential to be a great story that does what sci-fi does best, act as a parable about modern society.
  • The Exorcist – A horror franchise that should return in comic form.
  • The Fly – And another horror film which could be an amazing comic.
  • Independence Day – 1996 saw the release of this blockbuster. Sequels have been announced and the fact this hasn’t been continued as a comic book series blows my mind. It’s perfect material for an ongoing series.
  • Megaforce – The concept of this mercenary force is so over the top. Yes please!
  • Millennium – Out in 1989 the film had a great premise, but horrible execution. The movie saw time travelers kidnapping doomed individuals from plane crashes. Cool concept that can be done a lot with.
  • Minority Report – BOOM! has worked on Philip K. Dick properties before and this Fox co-produced movie is a movie based on his work. The idea of a future world where crime is prevented before it happens is interesting and a comic book series would help examine the gray area of justice the movie barely touched on.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Out in 2005, the movie brought as Brangelina. It left the married assassins on a couch talking about their life. Mix that type of cut scenes with further adventures and you have a no brainer as far as a comic book series that can easily spin into an eventual sequel of a movie. Fox co-produced the film, so no idea if this one is possible.
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend – The 2006 romantic comedy with super powers saw a guy start dating a woman who was in fact a super hero. The movie was complete rubbish, but under BOOM!’s care it could be set up as a top property. They’ve shown they can produce a super heroes meet real life with Supurbia and I’d vote Grace Randolph who writes that series tackle this one as well.
  • The Omen – The horror series has spawned many sequels but the story of a child and the devil screams a great horror comic. A maxi-series with numerous volumes is how I see this one and hire Ben Templesmith or Menton3 to draw it.
  • comics-boom-studios-logoPhone Booth – Here me out on this one. The movie was simple, a man is held hostage in a phone booth by a sniper. Each story arc would see a new individual trapped by a mysterious caller who forces them to deal with some evil thing they did. Think of it as a psychological thriller anthology series. It could be amazing in the right hands.
  • Point Break – I am an FBI agent. The ongoing adventures of Agent Utah could be a great series to go along with 2 Guns/3 Guns. Keanu voice included.
  • Titan A.E. – There was a comic series from Dark Horse based on this animated film, but this seems perfect for BOOM!’s kids like, KaBOOM!.
  • True Lies – Take the concept for Mr. & Mrs. Smith above and replace the characters.
  • Violent Saturday – A bank robbery story that intersects numerous individuals’ lives. It sounds like a Tarrantino film and this 1955 film could be updated to be just like that. Screams graphic novel from Archaia.
  • Wall Street – This might be the hardest one to do, but give Oliver Stone a comic writing and/or plotting gig and see him continue to comment about the American financial system.
  • Wing Commander – The movie based on the video game was dogshit and comics based on video games have a spotty track record. But BOOM! could use a solid sci-fi/action franchise and this could be it. Throw in Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning to write it and you have a space epic.
  • Wizards – A 1977 American animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film about the battle between two wizards, one representing the forces of magic and one representing the forces of industrial technology.

Up in the air:

  • The A-Team – There’s been comics from Marvel, and who knows where it all stands, but the continuing adventures of either the classic television series or new movie could be fun. Who knows where the overall rights stand.
  • Alien/Predator/Prometheus – Does Dark Horse still have the rights to this? If not, BOOM! has done justice to the Planet of the Apes franchise.

This is on top of all of the war and western movies the movie company has put out there.

Update: I totally forgot Alien Nation!!!!

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