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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Fans Around the World

Back during San Diego Comic Con we looked at the breakdown of comic book fans around the world. Today, we update those statistics with a fresh update in our Monday Facebook Fandom Spotlight.

For this report, I again looked at the terms we used in previous reports, over 40 “likes” on Facebook, primarily focused on terms like “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. This also includes 21 countries that either are known for the comic fans or a major population center.

We’ll compare these stats to the previous statistics and tomorrow, since it’s the first of the month we’ll compare fans in the United States to those globally.

Facebook Population: Over 46,000,000 fans globally

Since that report about two and a half months ago, the overall count for fans globally has increased by 4 million individuals. Spanish speakers account for now 9,600,000 fans, 20.87%. That’s an increase of over 5 percentage points since the previous report.

Gender and Age

Since our last report, women have made up some ground when it comes to percent of the population. Men account for 60.81% of the population, a decrease of about 2% since last time. Women account for 37.83% of the population.


Global Comic Fans

global fans gender 9.30.13

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.


Global Comic Fans

global fans gender age trend 9.30.13

Very similar to the previous month, we see an even split in age for a larger part of the age range compared to the previous report. And here’s all of that raw data.

Global Comic Fans

global fans gender age raw 9.30.13


Relationship Status

Compared to the previous report of this same group, the relationship stats have remained pretty constant with some slight shifts here and there, but the overall percentages of relationships have barely moved.

Global Comic Fans

global fans relationship 9.30.13


And for those that like pie charts.

Global Comic Fans

global fans relationship pie chart 9.30.13



Generally, education has remained very similar percentage wise compared to the last time we ran this report.

Global Comic Fans

global fans education 9.30.13


Gender Interest

Again, like the other stats we’ve seen, the gender interest is about the same, though same gender interest has dipped.

Global Comic Fans

global fans gender interest 9.30.13

Join us tomorrow when we look at these same statistics for fans here in the United States!

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