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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: The Comic Company Employees!

It’s Monday, which means it’s a new edition of Facebook Fandom Spotlight, where I break down the demographics of a particular group of fans. For this week I attempt to figure out who exactly is creating and delivering us out comic books. That’s right, I attempt to break down those employed in the comic book industry. We’ll compare this group to the greater comic fandom.

About a year ago, Marvel was looking to hire a new digital director. I felt I was qualified and applied by sending in my resume, but also running Facebook ads targeting Marvel employees. I went with that function including about a dozen companies I could find in the industry. This includes Marvel, DC, some shops and Diamond. It’s a very small sample, mostly made up of those who have marked themselves as employees of Marvel and DC.

Facebook Population: Over 2,220 in the United States

Spanish speakers account for now 240 individuals, 10.81% in the United States that’s about 3% lower than the general comic fandom.

Gender and Age

When it comes to gender and employment in the comic industry, we find a starker split between the breakdown between men and women when compared to general comic fandom. Men accounted for 69.37% compared to 58.62% and women account for 30.63% compared to  39.66%. This report is skewed as companies that have a good mix of men and women like IDW and BOOM!/Archaia aren’t included, nor are independent creators. Still, this shows a pretty wide gap.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees gender 9.23.13

When it comes to breaking down the age, the biggest issue is the sample size. The lowest return for results Facebook gives is 20 individuals. It won’t give counts lower than that. As age increases, the exact count gets shakier because of this with the breakdown eventually falling apart.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees gender age 9.23.13

Here’s the breakdown of age and gender for the group. You can see where this breaks down. For those under the age of 21, I chalk that up to store employees and interns (the latter I can’t prove).

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees gender age raw 9.23.13

Relationship Status

When it comes to relationships, comic employees fair only a little bit better than general comic fans. Percentage wise, more are married than the general group.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees relationship 9.23.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees relationship pie chart 9.23.13


As expected, the percentage of those that are “college grads” is much greater than the general comic fandom. Makes sense since this should mainly be employees.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees education 9.23.13

Gender Interest

Compared to the general comic fandom, those with same gender interest is abysmally low. I marked the number as 20, since that’s the lowest number Facebook returns, but in reality it’s much lower than that.

Comic Industry Employees

comic employees gender interest 9.23.13


That wraps up this edition. Join us next Monday for a brand new Fandom Spotlight.

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