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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: How Do People Consume Comics?

One of the biggest questions I got last week about how I come up with the Facebook Fandom stats is how people are consuming comics and how are they reading them? So, to answer at least some of those questions, I quickly dipped into Facebook to see how and what individuals are consuming in the United States using only the main key words. So, for the comics stat, the terms are “comics” and “comic books,” for graphic novels the terms used are “graphic novel” and “graphic novels.” I didn’t include any specific titles or publishers, just the most basic terms.

These results actually tells us two things. The result I get of 11 million general “comic” fans is mostly made up of these terms, though I don’t include webcomics or Sunday comics/comic strips. The next is, according to this, different genders consume comics differently. Women prefer comic strips and have a higher affinity for manga, men prefer trade paperbacks and digital comics.

comics consumption 9.23.13