Review: in Sanity, AZ #1 and #2

iSA_2-COVERWelcome to Sanity, Arizona. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and the natives are happy to live and let live…unless you’re visiting. The residents have developed their own systems of law, politics, ethics, religion, and morality. Left on their own, Sanity would thrive outside the view of our world, content to live their lives in their own way. Unfortunately for all involved strangers do occasionally find themselves in Sanity, AZ.

The Kickstarter project has recently seen the second release of the anthology series, in Sanity, AZ, continuing the strange tales of a town that’s so, so, so off. Anthologies are hard to do, especially from a large amount of folks such as this. It’s difficult to pull off, like herding cats or trying to rub the wolf.

As I’d expect the quality is mixed, but overall the digital release overflows with quality, especially when it comes to price. For $1.99 you get almost 60 pages of story. That’s impressive and a hell of a deal. Thanks Kickstarter!

What I like about projects like this are quite a few things. One, get to see a bunch of different visions for a common theme or a united world. Two, you get to see a lot of different talent, and there’s a lot of that here. There’s some solid storytelling and art, and a lot of potential and talent I’d expect to see greater things from down the road.

The concept on in Sanity, AZ is fun. There’s some some characters strung through and a world the stories shares, but there isn’t an ongoing story (that I’ve picked up on). There’s interweaving parts and some stories tie together, but that’s it. So, you have all of these characters and a world interpreted in different ways, in both tone and look. That’s a lot of fun as a comic reader. And all of it is twisted.

I’m a huge proponent of supporting and promoting independent comics and one that has so many folks, so many visions and so much talent is absolutely worth checking out. Start here or the first issue, do yourself and do an insane thing, and buy in Sanity, AZ.

Story: Michael Drace Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness, and Joe Pezzula Art: Scott Irwin, Rich Kuhaupt, Lance Sawyer, Jorge Sevilla, Collin Fogel, Chris Collins, and Frank Luna
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Buy