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How was everyone’s Labor Day? Any new comics tomorrow you’re interested in?

Around the Tubes

Cnet – Rounding up CNET’s pictorial coverage of Dragon Con – There was a hell of a lot of coverage of this convention this year, it trended on Yahoo.

People – Cleveland Man Pays for Daughter’s Wedding By Selling Spider-Man Comic – Might need to go this route. What’s a “Death of Superman” bagged worth?

The Mary Sue – Bryan Cranston Shoots Down Those Pesky Lex Luthor Rumors – And there goes the last credibility of a few sites.

Bleeding Cool – Create Your Own X-Wedding With George Perez, Ming Doyle, Tim Seeley, Nick Bradshaw, Danica Brine, Paul Ryan, Bill Wilingham and Jack Purcell – So cool.

Around the Tubes Reviews

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Fandom Post – BPRD 1948

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