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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Fans of Female Comic Characters

Yesterday was the first of the month, so our monthly spotlight on the general comic fandom was posted with the latest statistics. But, it’s Monday, which means we get a new Facebook Fandom Spotlight as well. This time I’m looking at who the fans are of female comic book characters.

For this report, I looked at a lot of terms of characters like Wonder Woman, Barbara Gordon, Catwoman, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow and more. In this case it was mostly character names, but in some instances a movie or a comic book series was included if it fit the theme. I went through numerous lists to get as many terms as possible, and the list used is long.

Facebook Population: Over 5,800,000 in the United States

That’s exactly half of the general comic populace.

Spanish speakers account for now 720,000 fans, 12.41% in the United States that’s slightly lower than the general comic populace by about 1%.

Gender and Age

The statistics are pretty amazing. Women are a clear majority making up 62.07% of the fandom, while male fans accounted for 37.93%. It’s clear women are the fans of female characters which could lead to the idea of spotlight more of the characters to draw in more of that readership.

Female Character Fans

female facebook gender 9.2.13

The percentage isn’t the only thing that’s a hell of a shift. Below is how gender breaks down as far as age. The general Facebook populace skews female which explains some of the below.

Comic Fans

comic gender age facebook 9.1.13

Female Character Fans

female facebook age gender 9.2.13

That’s a hell of a difference with men gaining slightly, and then eventually dropping percentage wise as age increases. I also found that the age range of 22-25 is exactly the same amount in this data set as it is the general comic populace.

The other thing I noticed is that the percentage of fans 17 and under is almost half that of the general comic fandom. It stands at 8.08% versus 15.26%. In fact those under 21 is lower percentage wise showing an older fandom. For publishers and companies focused on dollars, this might affect how they’d push these characters and what they could expect back in return if they did.

Female Character Fans

female facebook age gender raw 9.2.13

Relationship Status

The biggest difference here is the “married” percentage which is 6% points higher than the general comic populace, taken entirely from the “single” populace.

Female Character Fans

female facebook relationship 9.2.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Female Character Fans

female facebook relationship pie chart 9.2.13


A slightly older population brings a higher percentage of those as “college grads” and we see exactly that.

Female Character Fans

female facebook education 9.2.13

Gender Interest

We also see an increase of same-gender interest in this population. “Men interested in men” is about .23% higher and “women interested in women” is a shocking 2.6% higher than the general comic fandom.

Female Character Fans

female facebook gender interest 9.2.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us next Monday for a new Fandom Spotlight!

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