Ancient Myths and Legends Prove True in Umbral

In Umbral, the young thief Rascal breaks into the royal palace using a rare eclipse as cover for the theft of a priceless gem. During the heist, Rascal witnesses the death of the King and Queen, the first step in the invasion of the world by the Umbral, mythical shadow creatures… and no one knows it’s happening.

A work that has been years in the making, writer Antony Johnston and artist Christopher Mitten unleash their latest series on the world in November.

Umbral is the latest collaboration between the creative team of Johnston and Mitten, who co-created the post-apocalyptic and impressively expansive series Wasteland.

Announced at the Image Expo earlier this year, Umbral #1 arrives in stores on November 13 and is currently available to pre-order from the September issue of Previews (Diamond Code SEP130478).