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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Fans by State 8/19/2013

I’ve decided to change things up a bit when it comes to this week’s Facebook Fandom Spotlight. Instead of breaking down all the demographics of some group. I’ve decided to see how many comic fans live in each state and what percent that is of everyone from that state. So, lets see what state (and DC) has the most and least comic fans on Facebook!

comic book fans by state 8.19.13
Green – Highest
Red – Lowest

Not surprisingly California holds the title as having the most comic fans in raw numbers, but when it comes to the percentage of the population, New Mexico holds that tile.

When it comes to the least amount of fans, the results are all over. Vermont has the least overall and female fans while Wyoming has the least male fans. When it comes to percentage of the overall population South Dakota holds that title, while Mississippi holds it for male fans and Massachusetts holds the title for female fans.

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