Gen Con 2013: Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Gamers 8/13/2013

It’s Monday and we’re looking at the latest Facebook Fandom breakdown. This week we’re looking at the fans of movies based on comic books.

The terms I used are varied and many, from the name of games to the name of publishers and terms like collectible card game. For this I did my best to stay away from generic terms for genres (like Fantasy) and terms that specifically mentioned video games. I also avoided games like Monopoly or Scategories, I wanted to focus on the games you’d find at Gen Con (though you might them there). We’ll also compare this to the general comic fandom as well.

Facebook Population: Over 10,400,000 in the United States

The fandom for board games it would seem is a bit smaller than the comic book population, a fact that shocks me. The global population is a little over double the size of the fandom in the United States. Spanish speakers account for now 5,200 fans, 5.00% in the United States that’s a bit lower than comic fandom.

Gender and Age

I expected to find the stats to be a bit more even, but they’re not. Instead, Men dominate as the majority with 61.54%, that’s more than comic fandom. General comic fandom is about 57.89%.

Game Fans

game gender facebook 8.13.13

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

Game Fans

game gender age 8.13.13

The flip between men and women being the majority is about the same with this group as it is the general comic fandom, though the decline and ascension is a bit smoother.

Game Fans

game age facebook 8.13.13

Relationship Status

With games being a social thing, I’d expect there to be more married and individuals in relationships than comic fandom. That’s exactly what we see is the case with the married making up a little over 31% of the population.

Game Fans

game relationship facebook 8.13.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Game Fans

game relationship pie chart facebook 8.13.13


The education stats are very similar except women with college degrees. That is 6% higher than the comic fans. Men are less of a percent (only a few points) than comic fans.

Game Fans

game education 8.13.13

Gender Interest

The individuals interested in the same gender is also mixed here compared to comic fans. There’s more men interest in men percentage wise, but less women interested in women.

Game Fans

game gender interest facebook 8.13.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us Monday when we look at the fans of comic book movies.

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