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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Movie Adaptations 8/5/2013

It’s Monday and we’re looking at the latest Facebook Fandom breakdown. This week we’re looking at the fans of movies based on comic books.

This report was pretty straightforward in that it is simple terms to look at, the titles of comic movies. I looked at a pretty long list of movies and found them all, which is awesome. In this case, it’s over 100 terms for this report! We’ll also compare this to the general comic fandom as well.

Facebook Population: Over 26,000,000 in the United States

Fans of movies based on comic books is over double the size of fans of comic books in general. There’s a clear disconnect and issue with converting one into the other. Spanish speakers account for now 1,380,000 fans, 5.31% in the United States that’s similar to the general comic fandom, just a bit lower percentage wise.

Gender and Age

The breakdown between men and women is almost exactly the same as comic fans. In this case, men make up 57.69% of fans while women are at 40.77%. In the general comic populace men make up 57.89%.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook gender 8.5.13

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook gender age 8.5.13

What surprises me is how close this group of individuals matches up to the general comic fandom. This is a prime group to convert into comic books and clearly more work can be done to achieve that.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook age 8.5.13

Relationship Status

Compare to general comic fans, there’s a bit more engaged and in relationships when it comes to movie fans, but again, the population is very similar to general comic fans.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook relationships 8.5.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook relationships pie chart 8.5.13


With a similar breakdown in ages, you’d think the education would be similar. That’s not quite the case. Each category, other than folks “in high school,” has a higher percentage. “College grads” and “in college” percentage wise is greater than the general comic fandom.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook education 8.5.13

Gender Interest

This too is a change from general comic fans. Those interested in the same gender is much less percentage wise. “Men interested in men” is about .24% lower and “women interested in women” is 1.02% lower.

Movie Fans

comic movies facebook interest 8.5.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us Monday when we look at the fans of comic book movies.