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Graphic Policy Radio With Guest Emma Houxbois this Monday!

GP Radio pic MondayIt’s Monday night and that means a new episode of Graphic Policy Radio which mixes comic, geekdom and politics! This show airs live at 1opm EST. This week we add a third to the show, guest Emma Houxbois.

Emma is a queer blogger for hire out of Vancouver, BC most recently attached to Girls Read Comics.

We’ll be talking Matt Fraction‘s FF and his inclusion within its writing and his evolution as a writer. We’ll also be chatting general comic geekdom.

We want to hear from you, so listen live and chat with us by calling in, (619) 768-2952, or chatting with us on Twitter, @graphicpolicy.

So join us LIVE and get your fill of comic geekdom.

One comment

  • Sean A. Guynes

    Looking forward to hearing what Emma has to say, and hopefully get some insight on queer issues in comics, if that happens to come up.