Review: After Houdini #1

After_Houdini_#1_CoverA new series from writer Jeremy Holt and artist Kevin Zeigler, After Houdini is a semi-biographical action/adventure that follows the estranged son of Harry Houdini, Josef Houdini, who—besides being the world’s most famous magician—is a covert spy for American and British Intelligence during World War I.

The comic published by Challenger Comics is an interesting spin on the famous magician and his family. The mystery and action are very interesting mixing espionage with a world where magic may or may not be real. The combination has a lot of potential and the first issue exudes the fun I expect from the series.

The first issue is filled with fantasy and numerous small moments where magic shines but the greater story is still a mystery. We get a lot of set up, and it’s cool, but the greater story is still only hinted at. Like a good magic trick, one just needs to let themselves go and enjoy the ride and I did in the first issue.

Zeigler’s black and white art is a solid combination with a cool style I dig a lot. It’s a great combination of story and art. I’m not quite sure how to describe Zeigler’s style but it’s one I really enjoy.

The five part series has just started and the first issue is a hell of a fun set up so far. We’ll see what type of magic the next four issues hold, but this is a great start.

Story: Jeremy Holt Art: Kevin Zeigler
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Jeremy Holt provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review