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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Marvel Comics

For this week’s Facebook Fandom Spotlight, we’re looking at Marvel Comics. We’ve previously looked at the statistics of fans of Iron Man, Batman, Star Trek, and DC Comics. And this past Saturday, we looked at the greater comic fandom.

This statistic breakdown, we’ve looked at terms like Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, but not specific comic series or characters. Think of this as a study of the Marvel Brand and its comic imprints, so it’d include fans of Marvel movies, though we don’t use specific names of the movies. Also, this has an international spin like the DC report, looking at the population in over 20 countries.

Facebook Marvel Comics Fan Population: Over 12,901420 globally

The greater comic fandom is about 6.967 million fans in the United States and DC Comics had about 2.7 million fans. Marvel clearly dominates in social media, though they’ve also had greater exposure due to movies.

Spanish speakers is a larger portion than previous studies, but in line with DC. This isn’t too shocking since it includes many Spanish speaking countries. The amount is 2,225,720, 17.25% of the population. A little over 1% more than we reported for DC.

Gender and Age

Marvel is a boys club it’d seem. Even though Iron Man had a large contingent of female fans, it doesn’t translate to the Marvel brand. Marvel so far is the second worst when it comes gender breakdown, with only digital comics fairing worst. Men make up a little over 75% of the population and women just under 25%. The company is attempting to make fans of women with their line of prose novels, but its clear this is an area the publisher needs to make up ground. When they were acquired by Disney, the house of mouse cited that Marvel would help shore up their “boys” demographic, and we can see that line of logic was sound.

marvel fans gender pie chart 6.3.13

The age breakdown is expected and matches up with the latest general comics fandom as we see a shift of the majority of fans being women as age increases.

General Comic Fansfacebook age line chart 6.1.13

DC Comic Fans

age and gender line graph

Marvel Fans

marvel fans gender age line chart 6.3.13

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.

marvel fans age gender raw 6.3.13

Relationship Status

The relationship is very similar to DC Comics fans, though a bit more single. Both are different than the latest report on the general comic fandom which had much more married.

marvel fans relationship status 6.3.13

And for those who like their pie charts.

marvel fans relationship status pie chart 6.3.13


Education is interesting. Across the entire board the amount of people identifying their education is 2-3 percentage points or more lower than the general comic fandom the same as DC Comic fans.

marvel fans education 6.3.13

Gender Interest

Marvel fans are a bit more in line with the general comic fandom, but less same-gender interested than DC fans. There is more interest in men interested in men for Marvel fans, but less women interested in women whose greatest population was in  general comic fans, followed by DC. Again, this information does not include France which has been included in all other stats due to privacy restriction laws in that country.

marvel fans interest 6.3.13

That wraps it up! Next week we’ll be looking at Superman, just in time for Man of Steel.