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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: DC Comics

For our fourth Facebook Fandom Spotlight, we’re looking at DC Comics. We’ve previously looked at the statistics of fans of Iron Man, Batman and Star Trek. This week we take a different turn looking at the publisher. We’ll primarily look at this fandom compared to the demographics of the greater comic fandom.

This statistic breakdown, we’ve looked at terms like DC Comics and Vertigo Comics, but not specific comic series or characters. We will eventually do a greater universe and include those items. For this though, it’s a focus on DC Comics and other publishing imprints. Also, this has an international spin, looking at the population in over 20 countries.

Facebook DC Comics Fan Population: Over 2,701,220 globally

The greater comic fandom is about 5.1 million fans in the United States. This population is a bit over half of that at the global level.

Spanish speakers is a larger portion than previous studies. This isn’t too shocking since it includes many Spanish speaking countries. The amount is 437,220, 16.19% of the population.

Gender and Age

It’s a bit apples and oranges comparing this to previous results, but the male to female ratio is similar to the greater comic population. Men account for almost 69% of the fans, while women is almost 31%. That’s even with Vertigo and Minx which lean heavily towards women. Women make up about 75% of the fans of those two imprints.

dc fans gender pie chart

The age breakdown is expected and matches up with the general comic fandom, but a bit more extreme.

General Comic Fans

generic comic fan

DC Comic Fans

age and gender line graph

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.

dc fans age raw

Relationship Status

The relationship status doesn’t deviate much from the general comic fandom.

dc fans relationship numbers

And for those who like their pie charts.

dc fans relationship pie chart


Education is interesting. Across the entire board the amount of people identifying their education is 2-3 percentage points lower than the general comic fandom.

dc fans education

Gender Interest

DC fans do deviate from this from the general comic fandom. There is more same-gender interest than the general populace percentage wise. For this statistic, one nation was removed due to privacy laws, so it is slightly different from the greater populace that is reported on here.

dc fans gender interest

That wraps it up! Next week we’ll be comparing this to Marvel fans and there’s a brand new comic fandom report coming on the first!