Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Star Trek

For our first two Facebook Fandom Spotlights we looked at Iron Man and Batman. This week we take a different turn and look at all the Trekkies and Trekkers out there, yes we answer the question as to “Who are the Star Trek Fans?”. With television shows and movies and some comics behind it, we’ll look at the demographic breakdown as well as comparing to our first two spotlights as well as the demographics of the greater comic fandom.

Star Trek has a lot to it. For this study I exhausted every term I could find, movies, television shows, individual episodes and eventually characters and alien races. What I found was, once you got past the movies and television shows, the characters and races added very little showing lots of overlap.

Facebook Star Trek Fan Population: Over 3,973,620 in the United States

Though it boasts the most terms we’ve ever included, Star Trek fans top out just under 4 million fans. That’s less than the general comic fandom showing off possibly why Star Trek has struggled in modern times. It’s an aging population that hasn’t gained enough young fans.

Spanish speakers is a smaller set of the population, 161,780 and 4.07%. That too is on the low-end of things.

Gender and Age

When I think of fans of Star Trek, I think about diversity in gender, orientation, race and age. It’s presented as a welcoming group of fans. What I found was that’s not totally the case. Interestingly enough, the gender breakdown is similar to the general comic fandom which splits 2/3 male 1/3 female. Star Trek fans is a bit more female, but nowhere what I’ve seen with fans of manga. In this case men account for 60.84% of the population while women account for 38.86%. That’s about 5-6 percentage points more in the female population than with general comic fans. Going in, I expected an even higher amount, in the low 40s at least.
star trek gender pie chart

The age breakdown is interesting. It shows me an aging population and doesn’t have the sharp decline we see elsewhere. The shape is generally the same, there’s just more fans percentage wise the older you look.

Star Trek

star trek gender age trend

General Comic Fans

generic comic fan

Iron Man Fans

iron man fans age

Batman Fans

batman age percent gender

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.

star trek age raw numbers

Relationship Status

With an older population of fans, I’d expect more “married” individuals and that’s exactly what we see. The “married” segment crushes all others by a double digit difference in the percentages.

star trek relationshipAnd for those who like their pie charts.

star trek relationship pie chart


Much like the relationship stats, I’d expect an older population to also have a higher amount of college grads. We see that and a significant amount less of those in college or in high school.

star trek education

Gender Interest

This is another one I expected a divergence from previously studied groups. While this statistic doesn’t translate perfectly into same-sex interest, it does give an idea as that is what many use it for. Since Star Trek is known as LGBT friendly, I’d expect an increase in that and that is what we do indeed see, about 1% for each.

star trek interested in