Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Batman

Last Monday we kicked off our Facebook Fandom Spotlight with Iron Man. It’s only appropriate that this week we look at DC Comics‘ resident tinkerer that has starred in his own movies and video games, Batman! Who are the Batman fans and how do they compare with Iron Man fans and the demographics of the greater comic fandom? Find out below!

Like Iron Man, we looked at all the terms we could come up with when it comes to Batman. That includes, movies, comics, the character, television shows, video games, etc. What we didn’t include is any of the other characters, so no Robin, no Joker and so on. This is all about the Dark Knight.

Facebook Batman Fan Population: Over 9,775,800 in the United States

That’s about 2 million more fans than Iron Man and 4.6 million more fans than the general comic fandom. It’s clear there needs to be a strong focus to convert these folks and engage them about a character they’ve shown they care about.

Spanish speakers is a smaller set of the population, 439,660, 4.50%. That’s lower than the Iron Man fans and the greater comic fandom.

Gender and Age

This statistic I actually had major issues with. For some reason, the male and female breakdown is larger than the general population. I have no explanation of the cause of this, but I ran the number numerous times. Each time, the numbers were the same. Consider it a glitch in the system. If we just look at the rough percentages men still make up the bast majority, 63.53% while women make up 36.64%. Women account for a bit more than the Iron Man fans and general population.
batman gender pie chart

In the Iron Man report, it was interesting in that female fans became a majority after a bit. Definitely different than the general fanfom.

General Comic Fans

generic comic fan

Iron Man Fans

iron man fans age

Batman fans breaks down in a similar way as the general comic population.

Batman Fans

batman age percent gender

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.batman age raw numbers

Relationship Status

More Batman fans are listed as “single” than the general fandom and Iron Man fans, but they’re also “in relationships” in a greater amount percentage-wise too. Also slightly more are engaged as well.batman relationshipbatman relationship pie chart


Female Batman fans dominate this one when it comes to percent of the population. College educated across all our studies are about the same, around a third of the population. But, when it comes to women, more are “in college” percentage wise and more are “in high school.”
batman education

Gender Interest

Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean folks are interested in the same or opposite sex for relationships. There’s a slight up-tick in same-sex interest and women interested in men is a greater portion of the population as well.
batman interest