Who Are the Comic Book Fans on Facebook? 1.3 Million More Fans! – 5/1/13

It’s the beginning of the month, so that means we look at who the comic book fanbase on Facebook are. You can check out the previous month’s results here. It seems appropriate to measure this with Free Comic Book Day upon us.

This is the third edition since we expanded the search criteria in this monthly study.

This information is gathered by looking at over 30 different “like” terms in Facebook. All data is for individuals whose location is the United States. To make this clear if someone says they like “comic books” they are included in this, if they say “Superman” then they are not. Just because someone likes a character doesn’t mean they are a fan of comics, same with movies. So, that’s over 30 terms of comic book terms, publishers, etc.

Facebook Comic Book Fan Population: Over 5,172,400 in the United States

That’s an increase of over 1.3 million fans over the past month! I ran the numbers multiple times in the day and got the same result. Spanish speakers saw a boost of over 80,000 individuals, to 266,520 fans, 5.15%. That’s an increase of almost a half a percent.

We have seen large boosts in the past as the summer comic movies kick off, so this gain isn’t surprising. I expect a shedding of fans later in the year or early next year.

Gender and Age

With that huge increase the percentage of men versus women remained pretty stable with men increasing about 1.5% and women decreasing about the same. It’s been a stable 2/3 to 1/3 balance between the genders.
age pie chart


Below is the breakdown by age and gender. Again, percentage wise, the age breakdown is about the same with not a lot of shift. Most of the gain was older segments with some loss of people age 22-25, but gains older than that.

age and gender

Relationship Status

With a huge bump, we still see a relatively stable set of percentages. The single population dropped about 1.5% from the previous month while the married population gained about the same amount.relationship numbers

relationship pie chart


Again the percentages are stable from the previous month. The men listed as college grads saw a decline of 2%, the rest remained about the same.

Gender Interest

The biggest shift is that men interested in women increased about 1.5%, women interested in women dropped about 0.5%, while women interesting in men dropped about 1%.interest