Breaking: DC Comics’ New New 52

dc-logo-252x300Leaking from Wondercon, DC Comics will be going through plans post Trinity War to again reboot their comic books, start at all new first issues, but sticking with the number of 52 series. The plan has been put together due to lagging sales for many of their books. We reached out to DC Comics for a response, and received a response from Jim Lee and Dan Didio.

Here’s what they had to say:

“With the shuffling of the higher-ups at Warner Bros., they took a look at the numbers for DC Comics and pointed out things were much higher when the New 52 started,” said Lee. “We were told to make that happen again by any means, even if we had to repeat the stunt.”

“We sat over lunch and some beers and decided we’d just repeat the stunt,” Didio added to the email chain. “It worked once… right?”

We’ll follow-up tomorrow to see if we can get further comment on this foolish plan.

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