Pick of the Week – The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1

Francesco Francavilla does pulp this week in Dark Horse‘s The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1. The series is a throwback in both look and feel to the original pulp comics you might find in the 30s. Instead of modernizing the character and taking a pulp character and placing them in a gritty setting, the character and world is untouched. It’s exactly what I’d expect when reading classic comics. If you’re a fan of pulp adventure, absolutely check this one out.

  • The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1 – see above
  • Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #1 – Image has been kicking ass when it comes to new series, and this new one’s description is so over the top, I can’t do it justice. Just do yourself a favor and read it.
  • Transformers Spotlight: Thundercracker – I’ve been loving IDW’s Transformers and we get a spotlight of this pivotal character.
  • Pathfinder #4 – Jim Zub might be off Birds of Prey (before it even started), but this series highlights his amazing writing ability.
  • Saga #9 – Are you reading one of the top praised comics of 2012?