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Comixology Allows You To Read, Pause, “Continue” Across All Devices

 /></a></strong><strong></strong></p><p style=ComiXology has introduced “Continue” a simple and easy automatic bookmark feature now available nearly platform-wide with this feature arriving on the Web soon. ComiXology users can now Continue reading their current comic at the same place they paused across the entire platform.

“Continue” solves the problem of losing your place while reading a comic across multiple devices. Now comiXology users can read their digital comics on the go with their mobile device – for instance, a phone – and then Continue from the exact same page on a different device – perhaps a tablet

In addition to Continue, comiXology is also debuting enhanced sharing tools. Previously only available at the end of a book or from the store, the new tools lets you share via Facebook, Twitter and email no matter where you are or what page you’re on.