Port Strike Delays Some December IDW Releases

In the wake of the strike that closed the L.A.-Long Beach Port last week, IDW is informing fans and retailers that some of the titles scheduled for release on December 19, 2012 will not be available for purchase until January 2 or, in some cases, January 9, 2013.

Additionally, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1, originally scheduled for release on December 26, 2012, will be moved to January 9, 2013.

Along with the time lost by the strike at America’s largest cargo shipping complex, the impact of this delay is furthered by the holiday schedule of IDW’s global distributor. As Diamond Comic Distributors does not ship books during the last week of December, IDW will miss out on a last opportunity to get the December 19 and 26 books to retailers and fans before the New Year.

“It’s frustrating to have circumstances be out of our control,” said IDW’s CEO and Publisher Ted Adams. “It’s a shame to be unable to get these books—which were completed well in advance of their ship date—in the hands of fans and retailers. Fortunately, however, we’re still left with a very strong slate of titles to finish out 2012 and lots of great books for everyone to enjoy in the New Year.”

The strike, which began November 27, was launched by a group of 800 clerical workers on after contract negotiations broke down. Contract discussions had been under way since 2010. At issue was job security. “A particular sticking point in the talks was the employers’ demand that they not be forced to replace retiring workers or provide temporary staff to cover workers on leave if they thought it wasn’t necessary.”

Dockworkers, who are members of the ILWU local, honored the clerical workers’ picket lines which shut down 10 of the 14 terminals choking off container traffic. In a typical day, the ports handle $1.125 billion worth of cargo moving in and out of the country.

Late Tuesday, December 5, the two sides came to terms after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stepped in. The negotiation contract still needs to be voted on and the six-year deal would be affective retroactively, 2010, and extend to 2016.

Comics are usually printed abroad in China or other countries where printing and labor are cheaper.

Below is a list of the revised release dates for the titles in question.

Archie: Best of Dan DeCarlo, Vol. 1 TPB
Classic Popeye #5
Joe Palooka #1
Judge Dredd #2
Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland HC
Killogy #2
Locke & Key: Ω #2
Magic: The Gathering – The Spell Thief #3 2nd Print
Mars Attacks #6
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #20
Sparrow Box Set
Star Trek 100 Page Winter Spectacular
Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #8
Star Trek: TNG: Hive #3
TMNT Classics, Vol. 3 TPB
Top 100 Fantasy Movies
Transfusion #2
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #12
True Blood: Where Were You HC

Complete Dick Tracy, Vol. 14 HC
Doctor Who #4     
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms HC
G.I. JOE: Cobra #20
G.I. JOE/Danger Girl #5
Godzilla #8
Godzilla: Half-Century War #4
Mars Attacks Popeye One-Shot
My Little Pony #1 2nd Print
My Little Pony #1 Complete Box Set 2nd Print
My Little Pony #2
Star Trek Ongoing #16
Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #2
Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Vol. 2 TPB
Transformers: Prime Season 2 TPB
Wallace Wood: Woodwork HC

Adventures of Augusta Wind #3
Classic Jurassic Park, Vol. 5 TPB
Classic Popeye #6
G.I. JOE: Cobra Son of the Snake TPB
Gil Kane’s Amazing Spider-Man: Artist’s Edition HC
The Hollows #2
Jinnrise #1
Joe Palooka #2
Kiss #7
Li’l Abner, Vol. 5 HC
Love and Capes: What to Expect #6
Mars Attacks Kiss One-Shot
Popeye, Vol. 1 TPB
TMNT Adventures, Vol. 3 TPB
TMNT: Color Classics #7
TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #1
Transformers: Regeneration One #87
Transformers: Robots in Disguise #13
Transformers Spotlight: Thundercracker

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