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Who Are the Comic Book Fans on Facebook? – 12/1/12

It’s the first of the month and that means a new breakdown of who the comic fans on Facebook are. We’ll present the new info as well as compare it to the month before.

This information is gathered by look at over 30 different “like” terms in Facebook and all information is for individuals in the United States. To make this clear if someone says they like “comic books” they are included in this, if they say “Superman” then they are not. Just because someone likes a character doesn’t mean they are a fan of comics, same with movies. So, that’s over 30 terms of comic book terms, publishers, etc.

Facebook Comic Book Fan Population: Over 1,878,020 in the United States

That’s a gain of about 8,000 individuals from the previous month. What segments grew gets interesting and we’ll talk more about that below.

Spanish speakers rose by a little over 100, to 79,260 fans a drop in the percentage to 4.22%, down 0.01%, not much of a shift.


Percentage wise, women and men were about the same, with men gaining a small percentage and women losing a small percentage. Not much of a huge shift compared to the previous month. Men account for 59.93% of the fans with women making up 39.95%.

facebook gender 12.1.12And below we can see exactly who gained and who didn’t from the previous month.  There was a loss of the population under the age of 21. Almost every other age breakdown gained from the previous month.

facebook age 12.1.12Again, like the previous month, women make up the majority of fans age 17 and under. This is due to the female Manga fans of that age range. This also shows that the previous month’s results weren’t a fluke. We again ask, does this show a gap in the major publishers attempts of gaining female fans?

facebook age graph 12.1.12Relationship Status

Has it been a rough month for comic fans when it comes to love? The number of engaged and in relationships have dropped, though married has increased. The “single” fans have also increased. Could folks be putting out a sign in hopes they don’t want to spend New Years alone?

facebook relationships 12.1.12facebook relationships graph 12.1.12Education

There’s not much change here. Most of the raw numbers have increased and the percentages have increased. It’s later into the school year, so not shocked to see this.

facebook education 12.1.12Gender Interest

More men are seeking men as well as women and more women are seeking women, while less women are seeking men. It’ll be interesting to see how this matches up with the relationship statuses going forward month to month.

facebook relationships 12.1.12

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