Kickstarter Spotlight – Nix Comics 2013

After yesterday’s rant about Kickstarter, I wanted to make sure our first project to spotlight was a worthy one and one I think will deliver all the items and be transparent and open as to where things stand. That’s why I’m getting behind and supporting Nix Comics 2013 which is asking funds to help produce six new comic books in 2013. This is a small publisher, so helping out to make sure they get in front of folks is important, you never know what great talent isn’t getting the audience they deserve.

The ask is laid out pretty straightforward and exactly how the money will be spent is broken down, artist, printing, promotion, fees, etc. You know where the money is going and what to expect in return. Transparency and honesty at it’s best.

But, if you really want to know what you’ll be getting as far as comic books, Nix Comics has posted 2012’s offerings, for free, on their Kickstarter page. That’s right, free comics to read and check out. You can see what’s come before and decide for yourself if this is the quality work you want to support.

There’s a bit for everyone here as to what you can expect, and for me, helping a small publisher is worth the pledge alone. With 6 days to go, the ask is pretty high of $25,000 and about $5,500 raised so far. It’d be great to see the comic book community rally around and keep this small publisher going in 2013.

Best Pledge: $40 – you get print versions of all of the comics produced in 2013 mailed to your doorstep.

Risk: LOW – This is a publisher with a history, so the chances of getting burned are low. They’ve put together 5 previous Kickstarter projects, none with complaints in their comments and lots of updates. I think some of the delivery dates are off, as they list January 2013 when new comics won’t be created until later in the year, so I’m overlooking that as a simple error.