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‘Isis’ Celebrates10th Anniversary with New Mini Series

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first appearance of the comic book hero Isis, Bluewater Productions announced a series of upcoming titles to feature one of the publisher’s earliest flagship characters.

10 Years ago Image Comics developed a line of one shots called “Image Introduces”.  Legend of Isis was part of that line of single issues.

The one-shot broke into the top 50 comic books and launched the series.

The story features the Egyptian Goddess, Isis who is trapped 5,000 years out of time, Isis, must adjust to her new life in 21st century Los Angeles. Using her mystical staff and some help from a few new friends, Isis will protect those around her from evil that may threaten their world. But how can she protect a world that she doesn’t fully understand?

As Isis is introduced to the modern world and its new ways of life. But it seems Isis is not the only ancient warrior alive in our time – as she must battle the Mummy of Sekhent upon her awakening from the dead!

Legend of Isis has appeared in over 30 issues.  And it is also rumored that DC Comics changed their character design because of the Bluewater character.

The comic book series was also featured on the DVD release of the cult Saturday morning series The Secret of Isis.

In 2004, Grammnet Entertainment at PARAMOUNT PICTURES optioned “Legend of Isis” as a film! Ali Russell for Paramount wrote a screenplay.

The new 3-issue mini series called Legend of Isis: Flight of Horus is now available in print at Comic Flea Market as well as digitally at place s like Comixology.

In 2013, Arcana will be launching a series of trade paperbacks of the previous series.

Previous issues of Legend of Isis are now on sale at DriveThru comics till the end of the month.