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Who Do Comic Fans on Facebook Like for President?

Yesterday, Engage released a graphic that looked at who various television show fans “like” for President. I decided to follow up with that to look at who comic book fans on Facebook like. This looks at over 40 Facebook “like” terms like the names of publishers and other comic book terms.

The overall universe of comic fans is 79,950 individuals. Overwhelmingly they support President Barack Obama over Governor Mitt Romney and Governor Gary Johnson, the other two Presidential candidates who registered in this. 79.17% support Obama, 15.62% Romney and 5.21% for Johnson.

But, did this differ at all between fans of Marvel and DC Comics?

The terms focusing on Marvel drops from over 40 to just 11. Marvel fans still support Obama, but a bit less. Instead Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson both gain. Obama comes out at 77.74%, Romney at 16.53% and Johnson at 5.73%,

DC is a bit different, first it only has 9 terms. Obama still is the most, but both he and Romney are below the overall percent with the rest going to Gary Johnson. Obama gets 78.35% of the support, Romney has 15.31% and Gary Johnson has 6.34% of the support.

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