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Kickstarter Spotlight – Home of the Brave: Struggle & triumph in a broken America

What if the smartest person on Earth was born into poverty & slavery? Meet Aria Monfort, from the world’s poorest nation: America

Seeing the above words for this Kickstarter project, I was drawn in. The graphic novel Home of the Brave by Spencer Toyama and Jon Lewis is an example of using entertainment, in this case comics, to help bring about positive change. Inspired by the Superman radio show’s spotlighting the evil that is the KKK, the two creators are putting the spotlight on the issue of poverty and human trafficking with this project.

Aria Monfort is a child born in a fictional America suffering from extreme poverty.  They’ve combined elements of contemporary graphic design and traditional illustration to build this world and tell Aria’s story in the form of a 135 page graphic novel.

To support this project is a no brainer. Not only is it a great idea, the issue worthy of spotlight and the public needs a greater education on it, and the art shown is top notch.

As they say on the project “pop culture can make a difference.”

Best Pledge: $20, $25 or $35 – you get a printed copy of the graphic novel or the printed copy signed.

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