NYCC 2012 – ComiXology hits 100 million, Comics4Kids and Ishimori

On the same day comiXology hit the 100,000,000 download mark, the digital comic book platform also announced a newly upgraded Comics4Kids iOS app featuring “parent-friendly sync” among other major upgrades as well as works by Ishimori.

The Comics4Kids app includes numerous publishers and filters out comics by an age restriction in a separate app, perfect for kids and taking advantage of comiXology’s buy once read anywhere ability. In addition to the unique “parent-friendly sync” feature, the Comics4Kids iOS app upgrade brings the app into to parity with the rest of the comiXology family of apps, delivering the same great shopping and reading experience that comiXology is known for.

ComiXology also announced the debut of Ishimori Production Inc.’s debut of the widely influential Cyborg 009 , Kikaider and Skull Man across comiXology’s entire platform. Ishimori Production Inc. and comiXology worked closely together to acquire the highest resolution source material possible to present Ishinomori’s classic manga creations.

Ishimori recently announced their working with Archaia to create a modern adaptation of the classic Cyborg 009 manga series. Written by F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp and illustrated by Marcus To, Archaia is set to release the graphic novel based on Ishinomori’s original creation early in 2013 and will also be available digitally through comiXology.

Both of these announcements came of the same day comiXology hit their 100,000,000th download. The honor goes to Bill Willingham’s Pantheon #3.


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