Everyone’s trash, one man’s treasure in Great Pacific

Cover of Great Pacific #1In reality, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge vortex of tiny plastic particles, but in the public imagination — and in the new Image Comics series Great Pacific by Joe Harris and Martín Morazzo — it is an island of trash. Starting in November, Harris and Morazzo create a whole world from this image — a world ripe for conquest.

In Great Pacific, Chas Worthington, the twenty-three-year-old heir to the world’s biggest oil fortune, takes on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, leaving his privileged life to try to make a difference in the world.

In drawing this world of detritus where Chas contends with, as Harris describes them, “the elements and hostile tribes indigenous to the surrounding area, marine life that’s been mutated by the pollution, pirates and even the United States’ Navy,” Morazzo has taken on a hefty challenge.

The creative team hopes to get readers’ heart rates up as they follow Chas’s struggle to conquer and hold this new frontier.

Great Pacific is a full-color, monthly series debuting on November 7. Its first issue (SEP120391) is available for pre-order in the September issue of Previews.