Pick of the Week – Scam #1

Comixtribe‘s growth as a publisher is a textbook case of how to beat the streets and build grassroots support from the start. The publisher, who was focused on micro-distribution, is going to the masses with their first mass market release of Scam #1. I read the comic a while ago and it’s entertaining, featuring an X-Men meets Ocean’s 11 vibe the series first issue had more than enough for me to want to come back for more. The art is decent, story entertaining and it’s from an independent publisher that’s worth supporting so we can see more of the the solid series’ they have hit the mass market.

  • Scam #1 – see above
  • Higher Earth #4 – BOOM!’s series that sees two individuals on the run in a world of infinite Earth’s is exciting and has exactly what I want in a sci-fi series. The last issue had an ending that I expected, but at the same time still had me wanting more.
  • American Vampire #30 – Scott Snyder’s new take on the vampire mythos has been amazing and a series everyone should be checking out. Each issue has a feel that fits the time blending in real Americana with the supernatural seamlessly.
  • Locke & Key: Grindhouse – It’s Locke & Key, do I need to say more?
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #15 – Marvel’s Ultimate universe has been putting it all out there, to the point you have no idea what’s coming. All hell has broken loose at this point and there’s some big changes coming.